Estella Bathory is enjoying herself as she sexily dances along to her favorite music while cleaning the house. Everysway of her curvy hips and toss of her long hair is designed to entice.

Her girlfriend, Mischievous Kitty, can see everything as she works from a desk nearby. Estella is a sensual dancingqueen, and Kitty has the perfect view of Estella’s juicy ass every time Estella bends over. How can she concentrateon work with such a voluptuous babe within her reach?

Finally, unable to resist any longer, Kitty joins her girlfriend, getting Estella’s attention as they take a timeout on thesofa. She’s turned on but also curious since she doesn’t have the confidence to move like that! Of course, Estellathinks Kitty is all that and continues to flirt with her — Kitty is every bit the babe she is!

They sit close, their knees touching as they play with each other’s hair and gaze deeply into each other’s eyes. Theheat between them builds as Estella playfully insists that she did so much cleaning, so now it’s time for a properbreak…

Kitty easily plays along, her heart pounding as the BBW beauties come together for a sensual kiss. With how hotthey are for each other, it doesn’t stop there. They soon strip down, enjoying each other’s company to the fullest asthey squeeze each other’s hefty breasts and lick each other’s sweet pussies. As they trib to climax, Kitty’sconfidence has never been higher!

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