Sally D’Angelo is in her small home physical therapy practice, tidying up the place. The door opens and Jake Adams hobbles in on crutches for his first appointment, clearly in pain. He sees Sally and is immediately taken by her beauty. ‘Oh, you poor dear! You must be my 10 o’clock appointment!’ ‘Yeah, that’s me, Jake… hi,’ Jake awkwardly greets her.

Sally helps him sit on a massage table and begins assessing his injury, rotating his leg around. Although he’s uncomfortable because of the pain, Jake is still entranced by Sally, obviously attracted to her. ‘Now let’s get you set up with a few more appointments,’ Sally says with a smile. Jake nods sharply as he snaps back to the moment and says, yeah, let’s, with a big goofy smitten smile on his face.

A few weeks later, Jake’s injury seems to be healing and his infatuation with Sally is steadily growing. They talk briefly about how he isn’t dating anyone, and Sally is sure that he’ll find a special someone soon. He thanks her for the encouragement, tentatively saying, ‘Who knows, maybe I’ve already met her, right?’ Sally smiles, perhaps a bit mysteriously, and says he never knows!

When he arrives for his next appointment, Jake brings flowers. ‘They’re for you,’ he says as he hands them to Sally. ‘Oh, how sweet!’ she says as she hugs him. Jake loves the hug, especially how her bosom presses against him, even though he’s hesitant to return the hug right away. He tells her that it’s the least he could do since, with her help, he’s no longer limping anymore!

She then announces that they better get started. Today might be the last session, if the assessment goes well… Almost in a panic, Jake says, no, he doesn’t think this will be the last session! She’s startled but amused, asking him, why? Didn’t he say that he isn’t limping anymore? Jake says, yeah, he can walk now, but he’s still kinda tender… He was actually hoping to get more of the massaging part of their appointments today. Sally watches him for a moment, then smiles and agrees, telling him to get ready.

She begins massaging Jake, working her way up his leg until she reaches the thigh, where he tells her that that’s the spot. Then, she asks if she can massage higher still. Jake is surprised but hesitant, saying that if she massages any higher, she’d be, well, massaging his… you know. Sally then giggles and says that, yes, she knows!

From the moment they met, Jake couldn’t resist Sally’s tender touch. Lucky for him, Sally can’t resist his boyish charms either.

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