Bunny De La Cruz is working on her suntan when her son’s girlfriend, Alina Lopez, shyly interrupts her. Alina nervously asks if her boyfriend’s home, but Bunny tells her that he isn’t. Crestfallen, Alina insists that she’ll be back later since she has something she wants to talk about, but Bunny invites her to stay, wanting to know what’s bothering her.

Alina is elusive at first as they sit together. She slowly admits that she thinks she has a crush on someone else and doesn’t want to lead Bunny’s son on any longer… Bunny is curious about this mystery man and keeps gently prodding for details until Alina finally admits that she’s actually in love with Bunny!

Bunny is stunned but also amused, trying to calm Alina down when she starts to panic. Alina is convinced that she shouldn’t have said anything and that nothing could possibly happen, anyway, but Bunny continues soothing her. She caresses Alina’s arm, insisting that what’s important is that Alina is happy, and if being with HER makes Alina happy…

Alina’s fear slowly fades away as Bunny leans in for an experimental kiss. The kiss quickly turns into something so much more, and it isn’t long before Alina’s wildest fantasies are fulfilled. She’s in awe as she plays with Bunny’s large breasts and kisses a path over her round belly towards her wet pussy. Yet, this is just the beginning!

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