A beautiful older woman, Payton Hall, directs a young man, Jordan (Brad Hart), as he moves a cabinet in her living room. As he lifts the furniture, she can’t help but to admire his form.

Jordan mentions that the house is pretty much as he remembers it. Payton gazes around and says there’s not a whole lot she can do to change it now. Neither she nor her husband were ever very handy, God rest his soul, but she’s working on some spring cleaning and needed Jordan’s help moving some things.

After Jordan finishes moving the cabinet, he pauses for a moment, noticing a picture frame lying flat on the table. He picks the picture up. He seems impressed and intrigued, admiring the picture and saying, ‘Wow, is that you?’ Payton smiles as she moves over to join him, gazing at the picture as well. She says that it’s her, oh, thirty years ago? No, must be almost forty by now? That was when she and some friends decided to drop everything and travel around the world together! Oh, she’s seen some incredible sights, met some incredible people, ate incredible food! It’s an adventure she’ll never forget… As she reminisces, she practically glows. Jordan is drawn to this, unable to take his eyes off her as he gives her his full attention.

When Payton has finished her story, he looks back from her to the photo and back to her again and remarks that she looks so different now. She looks down at the photo with a bit of regret — yes, she says, taking the picture from him and carefully putting it aside. She’s not the spring chicken she once was. But Jordan protests that’s not what he meant, she looks so much MORE beautiful and distinguished now. Payton is flustered as she waves him off and tries to return to the task at hand of clearing up the clutter. Even despite being brushed off, Jordan keeps insisting that that’s really incredible. He couldn’t imagine doing that. She must have so many awesome stories to share! Maybe even some wild ones… he adds with a playful, suggestive little grin.

Payton’s still flustered but, instead of scolding him, she says that, oh, she’s had some VERY wild nights… Those are the stories best kept to herself! Jordan is impressed and aroused, then asks if she still has any wild nights? Payton responds that she’s too old for wild nights now. Jordan doesn’t think she’s too old for ANYTHING, insisting she’s hotter than any college girl he knows.

In fact, Jordan admits sheepishly, he always had a crush on Payton. Although she’s obviously attracted to Jordan, Payton feels uncomfortable with the age gap and their familiarity, though Jordan only comes on stronger with his flirting.

Finally, Payton is so turned-on by Jordan’s flirting and advances that she can’t resist him any longer, though they can’t let his parents know what they’re up to. She slides to her knees and unzips Jordan’s pants, slipping his hard cock into her mouth.

The boy next door that Payton used to know is all grown up now…

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